The other day I was sitting on the couch and the baby started to doze. I looked down at him and sighed. 

I should really get him to bed so I can get the dishes done...

But I didn't feel like carrying him all the way down the hallway (which would probably hurt). I didn't feel like fighting to get him to sleep in his own bed (sometimes it takes several attempts to lay him down). And then doing the dishes would probably hurt, too. I just wanted to sit there and hold him and do nothing for a while. So I did. I held him during his whole nap, just thinking and praying and having quiet conversations with my other kids. 

Selah | Sermon from 10/15/17 – Eastman First United Methodist Church

Have you ever read any of the Psalms or the book of Habakkuk from the Bible? Many of them have breaks in them that say "Selah". A lot of people believe this word means to pause and reflect. This word is used 74 times in the Bible.

I see a lot of people getting a lot of projects done during this quarantine. Which is awesome. This extra time gives us opportunity to get to many things we've been wanting to do done. However, I also wonder if it's not also a good time to do some reflecting. 

Since we are all home all day long with our little ones, that could be a challenging thing. However, I feel like life always affords us a handful of little moments throughout the day. Too often I use these moments up by grabbing my phone and mindlessly scrolling. But what if I instead used them to Selah?

This hiatus of our normal lives could be a rather frustrating thing. We could really let it get to us. Or we could look at it as an opportunity to take more time to think and rest.

Hold the baby a little longer, mama. Or just sit and watch your kids play for a while. The dishes aren't going anywhere, and neither are you. You will get there eventually. Take this time to breath. 



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