SEEING PEOPLE during Social Distancing

As I've mentioned, social distancing has led to a roller coaster of feelings and decreased emotional well being for me... I have kids, I have a household to run, and I homeschool. I need to remain as healthy and stable as possible for my children during this tumultuous time.

I need to see people.

We've said it time and time again here "We are not meant to do this alone." This motherhood thing, this life thing, has many tough season and people, good friends, and meaningful connections are what God intended to help get us through it!

Being isolated during a global crisis is HORRIBLE! I'm speaking for myself here. Depression, anxiety, irritability, toxic stress, and anger are some of the things I've struggled with in this last month. As this crisis in America is still only only going up on its curve here on the West Coast, I realized, this Lockdown could go on for some time and I have to, I mean HAVE TO find ways to connect in the midst of it.

I need people.

So, I've been making way to see people in the safest ways possible. Saying hi to people walking on the bike path that I'm passing, being in a location that has other people who are at a distance, and recently, even seeing friends and family while staying psychically apart.
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I saw a lady from church that I said hi to briefly in the grocery store. Then I went and said hi to my in-laws while sitting in my car with all the kids (they don't understand staying 6 feet apart from people they love). 

Just seeing people you love and care about makes a huge difference! We were never meant to do this alone and while it is SO IMPORTANT to stay home, we still need to prioritize mental health, community, and connection while protecting ourselves and our loved ones.

Have you found ways of connecting with those you love at a safe distance? What are you doing for you mental well being in this time?

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