Something to Look Forward To

As I headed into this week with the goal of mental health I thought of an idea to keep things fun and lighthearted for my kids as well.

During Spring Break we had a Fun Activity per day to make that week fun despite not being able to go anywhere. Coming into this week I thought I could do something similar.

Movie Mondays
Tea Party Tuesdays
Woodworking Wednesdays

Finding something to make each day a little more special for my kids and myself as we have nothing else on our agenda has been fun. It's been a little extra work on my part as I have to think and plan ahead a little.

Today (as I'm writing this) is Tea Party Tuesday. My girls and I do our History lessons on Tuesday and Thursday while my hubby takes our son outside to work in his shop. I decided I wanted to make History time into Tea Time with some little cakes inspired by the Great British Baking Show along with other special snacks. I knew it was going to be work and boy, was it!
I made this!

Ten minutes till Tea Party I had my entire kitchen a tornado of dirty bowls and spoons, smeared buttercream frosting and chocolate cake. It was a MESS! I quickly cleaned up the big stuff and then it was time for the fun.

My girls wanted to dress up in their fanciest dresses and I threw on my nicest as well. We set the table, got the tea ready, and set out the tea cups and saucers. Then, I put on some mood music and we all sat down.

I sang a little, we read about William Penn and Pennsylvania. We ate delicious little treats until we were full and sipped our tea (and coffee for me). It was really fun and a special time! My girls were delighted and told me how happy they were and how much they enjoyed our time.

In this time of stress and fear, create something good to look forward to for you and your kids. It's really tough right now to keep our heads up, but there is always hope, there is always something to be thankful for, and there's always something to look forward to.

Much love,


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