Sunny Immunity

I've been getting a lot of sun lately.

We've been having beautiful Spring weather here in Western Oregon. The day starts out cool as the sun rises and then gets to a nice 65-70 Fahrenheit in the early afternoon and evening. However, the real reason I've been getting out every day... To stay sane in Lockdown.

Besides seeing people from a distance, nothing makes me feel better than getting out with my kids. Going to the lake, on a hike, to a creek, or about anywhere that I can be outside. Enjoying the sunshine and not feeling alone for a little while! To keep my spirits up during this time of social distancing we've been going outside every sunny day. (I seriously need to invest in a big hat because despite my sunscreen my forehead is showing sun damage ).

Did you know that sunshine is not just good for your mental health but your physical as well? You might be hearing the buzz lately about Vitamin D boosts your immune system (something we all want right now), and it's true!

Not only does your body create Vitamin D in response to sunlight but you it also stimulates something called the T-Cells that plays a central role in human immunity (source: Article). Pretty cool, right?

So try to get out in the sunshine with your kiddos in this time! It only takes 10-20 minutes to get enough vitamin D and some fun in the sun.

Much love,
Stay Healthy,


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