The Twilight Zone?

I forgot to publish my blog today! (today is Thursday for me; this blog will be published on Tuesday) That is the first time in over a year of writing that I have done that! 

8 Ways The Twilight Zone Influenced Modern TV and Film | Den of Geek

I think I have kind of been thrown off balance. We are living in such a strange time right now. The world is still spinning like it has always done, a lot of things are the same, and yet some things are so different. 

We all change when you think about it — Twilight Zone intro ...
For we mamas, especially those that are stay-at-home-homeschoolers, our days may not look that much different than they did before this pandemic broke out. We still have hungry mouths to feed, dishes and laundry to wash,  and lessons to teach. For a few busy hours at a time, I find it easy to forget the things that are going on in the world. 

Then I look at my phone. Or wish that I could call up a friend for a playdate and then remember that I can't. Or go grocery shopping, where everyone is wearing gloves and masks and you can't find toilet paper or the kind of cat food my kitties like. 

Will our world ever go back to the way it was? I'm not sure. I really doubt it. I know that we will never forget what it will be like to have lived through this time. 

There is a comfort that I am holding onto. The human race has been through a lot. Plagues, wars, depressions, you name it. And for a lot of people, their faith is what brought them through. That's what I'm holding on to.

Hebrews 13:8 - Yesterday, Today and Forever - Free Bible Art ...

It's going to be ok, mamas. We are going to make it. Our world may be different after this, it's true, but we will still have the same faith we had before. Maybe it will even be a little stronger.

Much love and blessings and prayers,


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