Toxic Stress

I'm struggling.

I feel isolated, trapped, and alone. My kids are driving me nuts and they are also feeling the stress of everything. I'm on edge, stressed, and anxious. My emotional well being is a roller coaster along with my emotions. I'm not doing this whole coronavirus/social distancing thing well...

I was sick about 2 weeks ago with something my husband had the week before. No fever, just two days in bed and fatigue that lasted for days after. I recovered and then went on trying to make it through this hard time as best as I can.

Then I got sick, again! I had body aches, stomach ache, headache, and was super tired. Do I have the coronavirus? I wondered. Is this it or am I just "Stress Sick"? For me Stress Sick is a real thing. I get sick when I'm under stress for prolonged period. It is toxic and my physical body suffers.

While sick, I could barely function for a day. I felt awful!!! I took a two hour nap and when my husband came home from work, I stayed in bed and he took the kids for a walk. 
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Click that link for an article on stress and sickness.

The next day I felt a little better but still weak and tired. I determined to get out the house if at all possible, to keep the kids from driving me nuts and me loosing it (again) on them. 

We made a grand effort (it always seems to take a grand effort to get out of the house :P) as we packed up our school work, some snacks, and all three of the kids got in the car.

We went to a nearby reservoir, where the park was closed but the boat ramp parking lot was open. We pulled out our camp chairs, set them up overlooking the sunlit water, and did school.

My girls took turn playing with their brother and I took turns doing school with whichever one wasn't playing. It was just us and two other fishermen there and it was wonderful.

We were outside, in the presence of people, all while still staying way more than six feet apart. It felt "normal". It felt like the world was alright for a little bit. Like we were all safe and okay for that hour and a half we were there.

My stress diminished, the tightness in my chest disappeared, and I was content and relaxed.

I felt so much better after that and stopped feeling sick. I had been stress sick!! It made me realize how stressful this really is, to not underestimate that, and to focus more on doing whatever is going to help keep my stress levels down... For me that's mainly one thing, GO OUTSIDE!

How are you doing Mama? Is there something you can do that helps reduce your stress in this difficult time? I'd love to hear how you are doing in the comments below!

Much love,


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