What Are You Fighting For?

I was having my prayer time the other day in my room. I had positioned my antique white chair in front of my window because I wanted the benefits of being outside without the work of getting myself to my backyard. Silly, I know.

I sat there and prayed for my family and our world. Then I read Joshua 8 in the Bible. In Joshua, chapter 8, Joshua comes back from another victorious battle against Israelite's enemies. After this great victory they set up an alter, worship the Lord, and read the tablets of the Law.

My commentary read: It's important to remember who you are and what your fighting for.
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Wow, isn't that the truth!

Right as I was about to pull out my pen and write down who I was and what I was fighting for, my children knocked on the door. The baby reached his "expired" time and was done playing with sissy... But this was important. I needed this. I needed some focus and hope in the midst of all the struggle.

"I'm not done yet," I said back through the door, hoping that would work and it did! Off they went to play a little longer and I got to write some things down in response to those two questions.

My answers to "Who I am and What am I fighting for?" had to do with Christ, my faith, and my family. For you, those answers may be very different, but I challenge you to take some time and write them down, especially in this hard time.

Who are you?

What are you fighting for?

For me, answering these questions gave me some clarity in the midst of the chaos that I'm feeling right now. It provided me with some direction and purpose in this isolating time. For me, it led me to want to pray more with other believers, to encourage and build up, and to be love and light.

Who are you? What are you fighting for?

Much love,


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