Catchup Day!

We moved into this house 8 years ago and my chronic pain health problems began 7 years ago. I also had three baby boys in that seven year period, so I'm behind on a lot. On like, everything. There isn't one direction I could look in my house or property and feel like I don't need to do something to improve it. That is just incredibly overwhelming, but not uncommon, I know. A lot of people feel this way.

A few months ago a friend challenged me to not look at myself as being behind, but to look at it like "this is just where I am right now". It was a good challenge, but I've been forgetting to do it lately. I've actually been battling a bit of depression about it, too.

Monday, I decided to stop dwelling on this and do something about it. After breakfast, I declared to the kids that it was going to be a Catchup Day. I told them they could still earn their school marbles as long as they worked hard to help me catchup. Basically, they did all their normal chores and as many of my normal chores as they could and I worked on extra things that were beyond the basics but really, really needed to be done.

You've been pouring your ketchup all wrong... and there's a secret ...
Photo from My kids thought it was hilarious that I kept calling it a Catchup Day (pun intended)

My goal was to do one extra thing for each room. That way, wherever I looked I would be able to see at least one Catchup thing that had gotten done. 

I refused to feel guilty that the kids were missing school that day. I refused to feel guilty that they didn't get to play very much that day. I also refused to feel guilty about the things I didn't get done.

I'd say our Catchup Day was a success. We all felt very tired, but accomplished, by the end of it. And the kids enjoyed telling their daddy about all they had done. I think I may try to plan a Catchup Day more often. It really was what I needed.

What do you need today, mama? Maybe you need the opposite of a Catchup Day: a day to just be lazy and relax? Or maybe you need an outside day? Whatever you need, please don't feel guilty about breaking away from the norm to get it! The world wont fall apart and crumble if you skip a day of school or even a day of housework. Do what you need to do, mama!



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