Changing How We Do It

We had the most beautiful evening the other day. It was actually a pretty wonderful day too. Of course there were struggles and behaviors and all the normal stuff of mommy life, but the moments were beautiful.

The moment of planting some flowers in pots outside with my eldest. Getting to go the park with a friend. Walking with my husband after he got off work. 

I made dinner after our walk (new recipe) and it was really good. We all sat at the table and chatted. After the dinner clean up was finished, we ended up having an HOUR of "free time", which never happens. It's been a long time since it wasn't just "It's bedtime, get in bed!". The stress of all the coronavirus has increased the stress of evenings and bedtimes. We are often on edge getting the kids to bed and the time has been less than enjoyable.

But this night, it was perfect. My eldest worked on her reading app on the ipad in my room. I played blocks with the baby and periodically checked up on my daughters progress. My husband and our middle child played a card game called Trash at the coffee table. 
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We were all together even though we were doing very different things and I loved it! Ever since having my youngest those "normal" family evenings we we used to have before baby have never been the same. The board games we used to sit around get pulled down, the cards shoved off the table, and the dice thrown. It's just not the same.

Having us all together doing different things was a new things for my family and it was really nice. We've reached a new place, three kids instead of two, olders and younger, and it's okay to connect in new and different ways. It's okay to change it up and let that be okay. It's more than okay, it's good. :)

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