Do You Really Need a Thousand?

I was sitting outside this morning with my coffee, praying, when I noticed something had changed in my back yard from the day before.

Where my green grass was fairly bare the day before, today it held what seemed like a million helicopter seed pods. I looked around, our entire yard was covered with only ONE tree's seeds!

All those seeds just so a few take root, I thought in wonder.

Then I smiled. It was encouraging. It may take a thousand times of "planting a seed" before you see the results. It could take a million kind words before you ever see it make a difference. It could take years of hard work before you see a dream come true. It may take a lifetime of investment before you see it pay off...

I think about those seeds covering my back yard and I think of motherhood. I think of my children and the thousand time I've shared the same lesson, given the same direction, or given an encouragement. Sometimes it looks like NOTHING is sinking in, especially with my preteens. It feels like sometimes I'm hitting my head on a brick wall.

But is it true?


Every time I share a truth, give an encouragement or caution, it makes a difference. I might throw out a thousand or two, or a million seeds into their lives. I might not see a big result, but in time, those lessons, those words, and that investment will grow from a small seed to a mighty tree. My children to confident, kind-hearted, independent adults.

Don't grow weary with doing good.

Much love,

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