Making Stranger Friends

"Don't talk to stranger!"

I remember this caution being given to me as a child and one I've gave my children, as well, when they were younger.

Now, I encourage talking to strangers! LOL.

I want my children and I to be a presence of light and love in the world and I think talking to strangers is a great way to do that.

The other day the kids and I were at this tiny little park. I was doing school with my oldest, and my two youngest were playing on the play structure. It was only us there when a white SUV pulled up.

Out hopped a mom and her three kids and they joined us on the playground... What to do now? Social distancing? Play with them? I looked on as my younger two just stared at the newcomers.

I encouraged them to say "hi" and introduce themselves but they didn't. Finally, the mom said "hi" to my staring kids and they loosened up. She turned towards me as well, a few yards off, and gave a quick hi and how she's tired of the coronavirus. I agreed and went back to helping my eldest with her school work.

I could've just packed up the kids after I was done with school, it was about time to go home anyway, but I really wanted to talk to this lady. She seemed down to earth and friendly and I wondered if it was my "starved for people" feeling that motivating me or if I would've headed over anyway.

Regardless, I went over and sat on a spinning chair and said hi to her baby first. Then a conversation quickly started with the mom. I don't even know how it all happened but we ended up talking about labor, delivery, doctors, the hospital, home birth, natural birth, and even her recent miscarriage.
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We then went on to share more about our blended families and our kids and our spouses. It was so easy to talk to her and we had a deep back and forth for about an hour before I even thought of going home. Even then we still chatted for another thirty minutes before I began to get my kids loaded up.

Before we left, we exchanged numbers and plan to meet up again. It was wonderful! 

I strongly encourage teaching your kids safety, be cautious of strangers, and trust your instincts, but sometimes, that stranger, is really just a friend you haven't met yet. 

Much love,


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