Memory Making

The week before last, I told you about my calendar and how I was going to fill it out. Well, I did. 

I thought I was doing it for me, I never realized what it would mean to my kids.

They were excited about every little thing I had put on it. Every morning during breakfast (the calendar is in the dining area) they would discuss what was written down for the day. And each night they would mark the day off.

I didn't realize how much they had missed having things planned. And I didn't realize how much the simple things that I had written down meant to them. 

Yesterday was epic for my kids. It was May the Fourth, and we are big Star Wars fans. This year we had wanted to throw a party and invite our friends, but Corona got in the way of that, so we just partied all day long. I awoke to the sound of the kids decorating the house with their Star Wars toys and books. There are so many free Star Wars resources out there. My mother-in-law printed off coloring pages and games, we made special goodies and dressed up. It was a lot fun.

I was so tired by the end of the day. Ok, I was pretty tired by the middle of the day. But as I sat in the dark after all the kiddos had gone to bed, I thought back on the day and all the fun moments we had shared as a family. And I thought about how my kids would look back on this day several years from now. I think they will look back with fondness. 

We have such an opportunity to make fun memories with our kids right now. I know we can't take them to the zoo or go on a extravagant vacation, but there are so many fun things we can do with them at home or out and about (while still social distancing). It doesn't have to involve a whole lot of work to be special. And like I said, there are so many free resources out there!

I know I've been writing on this same theme a lot lately, but I just feel like it's really important. We can be bogged down by what we can't do, or we can choose to focus on and enjoy what we can do.

Choose joy, mama!



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