More Precious than GOLD

I work from home.

No, really. I work from home...but I make ZERO dollars!

I stay at home with my three children, homeschool my oldest two full-time, do dishes, cook, clean, and all the rest.

To fulfill the jobs I do in a day I would need to hire a:

-Full time nanny $30,987
-A full time teacher $61,900
-A maid $31,465
-A cook $25,301

That comes to a grand total of: $149,656 per year.

I work from home. All my work and daily sacrifices may not put a single dollar into the bank but it's investing into my children's future, into the peace of our home, and creating a safe place for our family to thrive.

Whether you stay home, work from home, or work outside of the home, a mother's worth is priceless! We instill our children with morals, integrity, courage, self-esteem, discernment. All things that are taught the very best from home, from parents, and from mothers. 
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We work for the future of our children and the present comfort of our babies. The work we do is never ending it seems. Every day is just another round of laundry, dishes, discipline, teaching, correcting, and managing things BUT it's invaluable. All the moments of work, all the moments of play, and all the moments in between equal the foundation your children will stand on for the rest of their lives.

Talk about a high calling, a heavy weight, and a VALUABLE job!

Mama, you are amazing. You are worth your weight in gold and SO MUCH MORE. You are a priceless treasure, a ray of hope and light, a diamond, you are worth more than you'll ever know! 

PLEASE SHARE and Happy Mother's Day!!

Much love,

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