Mother's Day Tears

This weekend we went to the coast for mother's day and met up with some family. It was really nice. The kids played happily with their cousins, we got to chat with our family, and everyone had a good time.

After arriving home there was all the normal clean up: Laundry, dishes, unloading the car, putting away food and shoes and everyone showering.

My girls went to bed and to sleep and a short while later it was time for my son to go to sleep as well. I sat there rocking my son, remembering some of the conversations of the day.

My cousin, who has three kids, four and under, was talking about how I have so much help from my older two. Which I do and am incredibly grateful! However, I shared how the times where I have just my youngest and get to take care of stuff my daughters usually do, are precious moments. 

As I sat rocking my son, I wanted to cry. I wanted to cry because my daughters are growing up too fast and they are little ladies now. I'm SO proud of who they are and who are they are becoming. I'm so grateful for all they do to help out with the house and their brother... but it all goes too fast.

Then I look at my little boy and want to cry a little over him too. He's getting big too! And the moments one-on-one with him are so special but not as frequent as I would've thought. Between schooling his sisters, cleaning the house, taking care of the dog, and managing all three of them, there's not a lot of quiet moments left to just be...

I walked out of my sons room and I did cry.
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I cried because it all goes so fast. Sure it's hard but it's such a precious time! Most days I struggle but at the same time I don't want this season to end. Watching my daughters grow up and my son become a little boy pulls at my mom heartstrings more than I like to think about.

Treasure the moments Mama! Rejoice over their growth and changes but also it's okay to feel the loss of the time gone by. "The days are long but the years are short" they say and how true that is! Treasure these precious moments.

Much love,


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