My Crazy, Messy, Beautiful Life

I walked outside this morning to find STUFF all over my back yard... Mattresses that haven't yet been taken to the dump, pieces of scrap wood everywhere, kids toys, a broken tent, and a bench that will never be refurbished.

At first I was annoyed. I love a peaceful backyard. Where it's clean and green and my eye doesn't end up wandering to every piece of junk and trash strewn around. I signed and said "Thank you Lord for my crazy, messy, beautiful life" and went and sat down to pray.
There is WAY more junk going on in the yard
but I couldn't show it all in just one picture.

About two minutes later I hear crying from inside the house where my eldest is watching the baby. I wait awhile... the crying continues. It's not a "hurt cry" but it just doesn't stop.

I am irritated. I feel like I can never seem to get a MOMENT'S peace without having to move mountains to do it! I go inside to asked "WHAT'S GOING ON?" and there in my little boy sadly looking at me from his sister's arms.

He wasn't hurt. He just wanted me. I made a compromise. I'd sit with him a few minutes and put on his favorite show, Blippi, and maybe he'll sit with sissy so I can go back outside and having my quiet time. 

That works and I head back outside more than a little distracted. "Thank you Lord for Blippi, and TV". Lol. I spent a little time praying looking out over my junk strewn lawn.

"Thank you Lord for this crazy, messy, beautiful life." Those mattresses that are ready for the dump are currently my children's hang out places for jumping and playing games on. All those pieces of scrap wood are my daughter's attempts at making a fort. The toys everywhere are because my kids have been running around the yard playing with them. 

Yes, it's a mess. Yes, I like things clean but this life and this mess are beautiful. They are my children's memories of their childhood. They are markers of fun. I love this crazy, messy, beautiful life God gave me. Through every up and down I feel incredibly grateful for it!

Much love,

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