Not Progressing... Or is she?

Good Morning Mamas,

I shared with you awhile back how I was trying to get my eldest tested for learning disabilities and how there was a lot of frustration in the waiting period, not knowing fully what to push and what not to in my daughter's education. (See that blog HERE)

Well, that frustration didn't go away and shortly after I hit a wall in my daughter's reading. I couldn't get her to read smoothly and accurately no matter what I tried. I tried reading it to her. Having her record herself reading for accountability. Have her trace the words with her finger as she listened to the story. NOTHING helped. I had hit a big brick wall...

The frustration of not being able to get a diagnosis and the right tools for my daughter only increased.

Then homeschool test day came. My daughter's former co-op teacher (and a previous special ed teacher) was administering her private test. I talked with the teacher the day before the test to let her know what my daughter needed help with during the test and that I didn't have high hopes for the reading section (I always really struggled with reading tests as a kid as well).

My daughter was gone all morning doing the test and I picked her up at noon to find her bouncing and excited and saying "I did fabulous!!" with a big grin. 

As I talked further with the teacher I was BEYOND encouraged! She mentioned that my daughter might struggle with two different learning struggles BUT that she was progressing really well. She said she was "very impressed" with my daughter and that she did "much better than I anticipated".

Her words were like salve to this Mama's frustrated soul. I have been praying over this for MONTHS! Trying to find answer and tools and a "fix"... To hear that all my hard work, our hard work, my daughter and mine both, had been paying off brought so much relief to me! To hear that it's okay that it takes ten times the repetition for her than my other daughter is normal for learning struggles! To hear that it's okay to use technology to give her more tools in the areas she struggles.

All of this was a huge answer to my prayers.

I felt SO relieved.

I feel happy and proud of my daughter's hard work, and my own, and what has been accomplished.

I have hope and acceptance for the year ahead even if I can't get the diagnosis as soon as I was hoping.

I feel so relieved I can let go a little, accept, and move forward in that acceptance to work best with how my daughter was created.

Mamas, our hard work is never for not, even when it feels like it, even with things don't progress as we hoped, what we are doing MATTERS!

Much love,


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