Two Sweet Days

I was walking around my room praying this morning (my new thing with the wet weather and how badly I zone out if I sit down) and I was just overcome with gratefulness. 

I've had the best past two days! 

I'm grinning right now because yes, two really good days is rare. The preteens plus toddler phase have left me frustrated most days, depressed others, and loosing my mind sometimes. Sure, there's always good moments, but when you are getting yelled at, screamed at, or have someone mad at you most days it really puts a damper on things.

But these past two days have been just so sweet. We've had so many good moments, connecting moments, and I honestly can't recall one blow up. These past two days have made me not only intensely grateful for these happy moments but also for the current season of motherhood I'm in.
I let my daughters run into Rays to get a treat and they were just so full of confidence and excitement, it was wonderful. We went on a crazy long family bike ride and we got close to ZERO complains from our kids!!!! I even got to talk one-on-one with my daughters as we biked and we had thoroughly enjoyable conversations. 

It has just been heavenly.

I know it won't last but I feel very grateful to have two sweet days to just rejoice in the moments with my children and remember the positives of this season.

Count your blessings, Mama, it's hard sometimes but there's always something to be grateful for.

Much love,


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