Worth EVERY Sacrifice!

Awhile ago, pre-lockdown, I had a dear friend of mine drop off her sweet babies at my house to go shopping.

When she came back to pick up her kids, she had another friend with her and I felt jealous for a moment. Jealous that I wasn't the friend that got to go out and shop with her...

I'm a homeschool mom. I will never be the mom that can go out and get a quick cup of coffee while my kids are in school. I will never be the mom to go out shopping without the kids. I have my kids all. the. time...

But here's the thing. 

It is a sacrifice. A sacrifice I feel personally called to. A calling I have seen intense blessings come as a result of. 
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I was talking to my husband about this as I bemoaned the fact that my eldest daughter is no longer just my little girl. That's she's growing into a women. As emotional as that makes me, I thought of the sacrifice I make to be at home, teaching her each day. I thought about the life lessons I'm instilling in her.


My daughter is growing in confidence, courage, self worth, value, and love every single day as she helps me around the house and is given praise in return. As she cares for her little brother, the dog, and even her pet fish. As she washes dishes and cleans up the living room. As she sets the table for dinner and so often asks if I need any help in the kitchen.

I'm not just teaching my daughter academically. I'm pouring into her a foundation of strength, service, and love that is built on the truth that she is safe and unconditionally love. 

Knowing that, seeing my daughter's self-confidence grow in the midst of this rather insecure and tumultuous time of changing, makes every hard day worth it, every time I feel like quitting and don't, worth it. Every sacrifice worth it!

It is a beautiful thing to watch my daughter grow into womanhood and know that I get to be there helping her every step of the way.

Mamas, YOU ARE AMAZING! The gift of loving your children in the ups and downs of life means more to them then you will ever know! The life lessons you are teaching them as they change are invaluable! Keep up the good work and don't grow weary with doing good, for in time, you will see the rewards of your hard work. 

Much love,


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