You are Quite the Catch!

The Truth we forget.

Did you know that you are quite the catch?

I have to answer honestly for myself with a "no".

I take care of myself, try to eat right, wear clothes I'm comfortable in, shower regularly, and like to look nice but do I consider myself the catch I used to feel like in my younger days?

No, I honestly don't, but here's the truth ladies WE ARE JUST AS MUCH (maybe even more) a catch as we ever were! In a beauty-obsessed culture that is some times hard to remember, or believe, but it's true!

Despite the changes in our outward appearance, our beauty has only grown with motherhood. YES, with the 20 pounds I have kept since baby, with the saggy boobs and stretch marks. With the loose belly and thick thighs, I am just as beautiful as I ever was... In fact, I'm more!

I'm a mom! 

I'm more beautiful because of who I've become through motherhood. I'm more of a catch than I ever was when my body seems "so much nicer". I forget this, we all forget this. I have a wonderful husband who thinks I'm hotter now than I ever was before, but here's the things ladies, whether you have someone to tell it to you or not:


You are beautiful and strong. You are a life-giver, a peace-maker, a treasure that can't be replaced. NO MATTER WHAT your body may look like, or how it has changed, YOU ARE STUNNING AND BEAUTIFUL, inside and out. YOU are quite the catch!

Much love,

All these beautiful photos are credit to 
The Honest Body Project!


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