A Crazy Adventure?!?!

Remember that restless spirit I was talking about with you last week (read that blog HERE)? Well, I thought about that forward movement. I thought about my and my family's goals and dreams and then I had a pivotal moment...

I was at church (back in the building YAY) and I felt awkward. WHY? I love my small little church (read about our move HERE), I enjoy the people, and the sermons are good... Why did I feel unsettled....

Because I knew, despite my best efforts, we couldn't stay there. As much as we loved it and invested, it wasn't working for our children, and our children are our mission field, our first ministry.

I was sad. I felt a little lost. WHY do we have to go through this again? Why do we have to make another change? Can't we just make things work?

As we drove back home, I asked my husband what he thought. He agreed we needed to find a church that was better for our kids. Then here's where that pivot moment came in.

"Why don't we just move?" I said.

"We need to look for a new church. I need to look for a new doctor. You want a new job. We want to have a little bigger property. Why don't we just move?"

Now, I'll remind you here, I'm NOT a "let's just move" kind of girl. I'm a slow and steady, make things work where you are, look for solutions, never give up type girl. But in that moment, I was ready. Ready to risk it all to make a better life for my family, to provide more for my children, to follow our dreams. 

How far that would take me? 

Let's find out together.

Motherhood and life is an adventure!

Much love,

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