A Restless Spirit

I've been struggling with a restless spirit lately.

Feelings of discontent and stagnancy that I know are exasperated by coronavirus restrictions (thankfully that are lifting).

It feels like I'm spinning my wheels, nothing is moving forward in life, and the same old thing is still the only thing that is happening.
Feeling Discontent? The Stepping Stone to Your Greatest Life ...
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Not a fun feeling.

I tried to think of what an encouragement for that kind of feeling could be that I could share with you and I was stumped for awhile...

Then I realized: Let it move you forward. There's times when discontent is rooted in a lack of gratitude and a wrong perspective, but other times it means it's time for a change, time to move forward, time to work towards your goals.

So if you, like me, are feeling restless and struggling with feelings of discontent. Evaluate if there is a goal you can work towards, a dream you can make steps towards, or even a small task you can accomplish that would help you feel some forward motion.

Much love,


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