Am I Selfish?

I have been wondering if I have been a little too selfish lately...

Don't get my wrong, I spend a lot of time like this:

With a baby glued to me. Nursing or just wanting to be held or both. Now that he is crawling (in his own, special, goofy way) I know that a lot of my time will be spent chasing him. 

But lately, I feel like I've actually been getting a lot of time to myself, too. I've been asking the girls to occupy the baby while I turn on my podcast and work in the kitchen. I have been binge listening to the Trim Healthy Podcast the past few weeks and, I must say, it has been FEEDING my soul in a big way, as well as teaching me more about how to feed my body. I feel like a lot of important breakthroughs have happened through it. And I am cooking and cleaning for my family in the meantime, so that's not really selfish, right?

I've also been attending a Mama's Night Out every Friday. We are working through a devotional together, so it could almost be called a Bible study (we MAY have described it that way to our husbands). It has been so nice to be able to fellowship with my friends every week, even if I am wrestling a baby for most of it. I do feel a twinge of guilt for leaving my family for that evening, though.

Don't get me wrong, I've still been having MOMents with my kids. But I still feel kind of guilty.

I shouldn't.

I am more than a mom, I am Lee. And my family needs a happy and healthy Lee. Sometimes I have to separate myself a little from them and fuel myself so they can get that happy, healthy Lee. And that is perfectly ok. That is normal. That is not selfish.

Take care of yourself, mama! Give yourself some breathing room. Feed yourself healthy thoughts and foods. You are way worth investing your time in.

Lots of love,


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