Last week my mom told me a story of a visit she had, years ago, from her boss. The sweet lady had come to our house to visit and my mom was giving her a tour of the yard. They were picking sugar peas from the garden and eating them, and my mom started talking down about her yard. This lady looked at my mom and gently reminded her, "Don't focus on what you haven't gotten done yet, think about what you have gotten done." She said it in such a kind and convincing way that my mom still remembers it clearly, and it's probably been thirty years.

I have a confession: I love working in the yard, but I don't like hanging out in my yard. It's not because I don't love being outside. It's because when I am just sitting or walking through the yard, all I seem to want to focus on is the things that need to be done.

I have a hard time seeing the roses in the midst of all the weeds.

Lately, I've been trying to remind myself to wear my blinders when I go into the yard.

Why do horses wear blinders? – Horse Tack Database

Just like a horse sometimes needs to shut out the distractions so she can focus on the goal, I need to stop worrying about the things I can't do and just focus on the things I can. And enjoy what I can.

We work all the time, mama. Whether we work away from home as an occupation or we are stay at home moms, our job is 24/7. And a lot of times is seems like we are just doing the same thing over and over again, and maybe it feels pointless. But it's not! You are doing an amazing work.

Maybe you haven't gotten even close to completing all the things on your To-Do List today. That's ok. Maybe you need to stop making a To-Do List and start making a Done List. Maybe the only thing you will be putting on that Done List is "kept the kids alive and brushed my teeth", but I doubt it. There are a hundred wonderful, beautiful little things that you do every day.

Stop focusing on what you haven't done, and focus on what you have done.

See the roses, not the weeds.

Lots of love,

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