Boston Tea Party

My daughters and I love to learn and one of our favorite subjects to learn about together is history.

We've recently started a weekly History Tea Time that my girls and I absolutely enjoy. It's our "Girl Time", our quality time without baby around, it's our Mom and Daughter Time.

This particular Tuesday we were diving deeper into the Boston Tea Party. I had heard a YouTube Homeschool Mama talk about teaching her kids critical thinking during her history time by presenting the information and asking what her kids thought about it. 

"Do you think that was the right thing to do?"
"What would you have done in that situation?" and so on.

I LOVED that idea and was going to try it. We talked briefly about the basics of the Tea Party and then delved in to the question of what we personally thought and felt and what we would've done in their shoes.

My eldest and myself both said we thought it was wrong to destroy other's property (the tea) and said we would not think we would've participated in the Tea Party. My younger daughter, on the other hand, was firm in that she would have joined the Boston Tea Party and thought that it was necessary.

We went on to uncover more details about that particular event:

1. Many peaceful attempts were made to try and stop the tea from even coming from England to the colonies.

2. The colonist were holding the ships off shore with armed men because if it landed they would forcefully be charged an incredible amount of money, even if they never bought or used the tea.

3. Forcibly taxing the colonies was just one of the many acts of tyranny that England's king was doing and the freedom and rights as people were seriously being diminished.

We went back to our question. "What would you have done in their place?" And you know what, our answers were EXACTLY the same! 

My eldest and I, though seeing and more or less supporting the act of the Boston Tea Party, would still probably not participated in the actually throwing the tea overboard. My youngest felt stronger than ever that she would've participated in throwing the tea into the sea. She felt that peaceful actions had been tried and this would've been a necessary action.

I'm smiling as I write this.

I find this incredible and beautiful, this diversity in thinking, feeling, and goals among even my own immediate family. How we see things differently, feel differently about them, and would act with different purpose, and I LOVE IT!

We are all created differently, and it's ON PURPOSE! We weren't made to think, feel, or see the same way all the time but we all have our own individual callings, passions, dreams, and goals and they are ALL worthwhile, beautiful, and important.

Our passions don't have to match up with someone else's. Our choices will look different from person to person. How we raise our families, what parenting choices we make, and how we walk across this planet are all different, and that's the way it was meant to be. Honor the differences. Appreciate the unique passions and goals of individuals, and love them all freely.
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