I recently listened to the audio book called Love Without Borders by Angela Braniff. 

Angla Braniff is a YouTuber and adoptive mama that I just adore. She's a women of faith and humor and I've enjoyed watching her videos for years. I expected her book to be about her motherhood journey, her kids, and even her channel but what I ended up listening to was a story of BOLD FAITH, of breaking the mold and following Jesus no matter what.

It was inspiring and thrilling and I walked away with more courage than when I started listening to it.

One particular part, near the end, stood out to me that I really wanted to share with you! It's about a caterpillar... Well, not really.
Caterpillars - Wild Animals News & Facts by World Animal Foundation
Angela shared about how us moms often long for the women they used to be before our child(ren) changed our bodies, our lives, and how we see the world.

She shared that she felt differently. That, for her, it was like the transformation between a caterpillar and butterfly. Such a dynamic and even difficult change but the butterfly doesn't look back at who she used to be and envy the caterpillar, she is changed, she is transformed, and she is more beautiful than before.

Black Swallowtail Butterfly: Identification, Facts & Pictures

That's what motherhood does to us, fellow Mamas. There are certainly changes in every area of our lives when we became moms, a lot of them hard ones. But each and every one of us is more beautiful for the changes we've gone through. We are stronger, more compassionate, determined, and braver than before.

Appreciate the change. Rejoice in who you are today. Thank your little ones for all the ways they changed your life.

Much love,


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