In my household, we are already on summer break so it's important that we get out most mornings so the kids don't start making mischief.

On one of our weekday mornings we decided to head out early for our walk but stop and let my nearly 2 year old play on his balance bike for awhile. He has only ever rode it in the house before and I wanted to give him a little more practice.

I fully expected a few falls, tears, and skinned knees, so I threw thick pants over his shorts and put shoes on to protect his feet. Helmet on and he was ready to go!

That little kid was AMAZING! He never really balanced but he pushed that little bike all around easily. He only made one spill the whole time and he didn't fall even when his bike did. Not only did he not fall, but he decided to conquer the curbs and pull and "drive" his bike over the curbs he found. 

That kid was beyond adorable and I stood with my daughters looking on with delight. They grow up too fast! I thought while beaming with pride. He was incredible and we all thought so!

That night at dinner when we shared our favorite part of the day, my middle daughter spoke up and said "Watching my brother bike." I immediately exclaimed "That was mine too!! Wasn't it just incredible?" My eldest chimed in that she loved watching him too.

Family is a delight. Getting to watch our babies grow and learn is not only incredible but a great honor. These are the little moments, but it's these moments that make every moment, even the hard ones, so worth it.

Delight in the little things.

Much love,


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