Heavy Hearted

I was feeling really heavy hearted this weekend and it was seeping from my soul to my body, leaving me exhausted and drained. I had a quiet morning but I still just wanted to crawl back into bed and go to sleep.

As soon as the day got loud and hectic, I knew I need to get away, to go take some time to thing and feel and be.

So I left the kids with my husband and drove off in my van armed with a notebook, journal, and pens. I found a place to park (I like to just sit) and pulled out my journal.

I know writing is not everyone's thing, but it sure is mine! As I put thoughts down on paper, my mind grew more clear. What I was heavy hearted over was not only more obvious but had become more clear as the serious situation it was.

As I put things down on paper, my heaviness lifted and, though what I was processing was deep, acknowledging it felt like a relief. After I wrote for awhile I went and got a treat and ended up on my phone...

You know what? That heaviness that had lifted came RIGHT BACK as I looked at the news and the state of our country. My heart grew sad and I felt overwhelmed all over again.

Sometimes it's not a distraction or an escape we need, some times we need to press into our own mess, put aside the world's or other's problems for awhile and face in.

That's what I needed to do. I decided to stay away from the news for the next week and focus on my own situation. I chose to take time to feel the yuck instead of run away from it.

Some times it's just time to face in to the reason you are heavy hearted and accept that you are going through a lot right now, that our country and it's people are hurting, and you are apart of those people.

Keep you head up,
Much love,


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