Repeat A Lie...

"You hear a lie enough times, you start to believe it"

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Have you ever heard that before? I know I certainly have and I believe it's true. When something is repeated often, we tend to think that it's truth.

I was talking to a lady recently who was struggling with believing truths about herself. At the end of our conversation I spoke truth over her... "You are loved and lovable. You are the best mom for your kids." and she believed none of it! Not only did she not believe it, but she didn't feel it helpful to speak truths over herself that she didn't really believe...

If LIES can be believed if spoken over us enough, why can't TRUTH?

I feel like we are wired to remember bad things people say about us so much more vividly than the truths spoken over us, but I sincerely believe it's worth it and important to speak truth over ourselves, our kids, our spouse or partner, and our lives EVEN when we don't believe it!

Maybe we'll have to say it a hundred more times than that lie we believe so quickly, but it's worth a hundred more times than any lie we've ever heard.

Speak Truth to Power - Tincture

TRUTH IS TRUTH, you don't have to believe it for it to be true. Let's speak WORDS OF LIFE AND TRUTH over ourselves and our fellow Mamas, because I know we all need to hear them. Speak them a hundred times over and let the truth seep deep and grow new life.

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