EVEN more?

I was praying this morning and thinking about that verse in Ephesians 3:20-21 "Now to him [God] who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine"

It my version (The Voice) it says "more than we could ever ask or imagine".

Let me unpack that for a bit. I'm a women of faith and I walk hand-in-hand with the Lord. Where God has led me in my life is more than I could understand or foresee and is places and callings I would've never have made up on my own, it's so clearly Jesus. 

But this idea that even as I ask for things, or see answers to prayer happen, that what God is doing is immeasurable more than anything I could even imagine! That's hard to hold on to. That's hard to comprehend, because how can I? There's more going on than I can even imagine.
Like the vastness and beauty of outer space is more than I can imagine.

I was thinking about my family and how my husband is so much more than I asked for or imagine (and he's absolutely perfect for me!). I was thinking about my children and the unique way God brought each one of them to us. I was thinking about how much more God has already done for me than I ever asked or imagined.

But I can see now a lot of those things, right? Or am I missing something? According to the Word there's more going on than I can ever ask or imagine, meaning even when I see these answers to prayer and they're amazing, there is still more that has been accomplished!

Jesus works at a depth that is beyond my comprehension, an eternal view that I can't even fathom. He is doing BIG things in my little world. He's doing immeasurably more than I can ever know!

I like that!

As a mom, things often look small, insignificant, and sometimes futile. The repetition is monotonous, the tasks continual, and it doesn't often look significant. So to hear that beautiful truth, that more is being accomplished than I could ever ask or imagine, is an encouragement that brings hope and I wanted to pass it on to you.

Much love,

You are doing a good work,


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