Interested in Homeschooling???

Last year, I wrote a series of blog posts about homeschooling. Since coronavirus has made this a hot topic, I thought I would visit this subject again. You can read my original posts here: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

As I mentioned in my other blog, I homeschool using Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool. It is a free homeschool curriculum. I have always used this curriculum, so I can't really compare it to others, but I will say that I love homeschooling with it. If you are just wanting to dabble in homeschooling and are not really sure about whether its something you want to do, it is a great way to get your feet wet without having to commit by buying an expensive curriculum. You can either print workbooks or order them on Amazon. They have an offline version for the first three levels, so if you don't want your child on the computer for school, you can go that route.

I thought I would just give you an example of a typical homeschool day for us. I will add that we are pretty flexible in our homeschooling, and don't always strictly stick to the curriculum. Sometimes we add things, sometimes we leave things out. But my daughters have both scored above average on their benchmark tests, so we must be doing something right! The ages of my homeschooling children are 11, 9, 6, and 4.

The kids are up and playing before I am out of bed. My 11 year old and I make breakfast and then everyone sits at the table and eats while listening to our Bible reading for the day. I print off coloring pages of National parks and they color while watching a YouTube video about the constitution. I then read to them and show them pictures of the how animals use camouflage and mimicry to survive. We discuss this topic, then clean up the table and do our morning chores.

After a half hour of play, my 11 year old makes us a snack and we watch some YouTube videos on National Parks. Then the three older kids go to the 11 year old's room to work on our Library's weekly Lego challenge (building a model of a National Park) while I put the baby to sleep. While the big kids are busy and the baby is sleeping, the 4 yo goes over his sight words and plays a logic game. Then I do his reading lesson with him.

I call the big kids out of Legoland and do a reading lesson with my 6 year old while the 11 year old and 9 year old do their math lessons independently (they ask for help if they need it). The 4 year old plays by himself until he helps me set the table for lunch. I nurse the baby while the kids eat and chat.

After lunch, the three older kids finish up their independent studies. In the meantime, the baby and I have lunch and then he plays with the 4 year old while I prep dinner and do housework, in between helping the kids with their school. The 6 year old needs the most help, but is also finished with his work first. The 9 year old is finished next and sets the dinner table. The 11 year old finishes up her last bit of school after dinner.

They spend the rest of the evening working on their Lego creations and playing outside. Then evening chores, story time, and off to bed.

Pretty simple and straightforward. Not every day is like this. Some days we are busy with friends or off on adventures and only do our core subjects or no subjects at all. Like I said, one of the joys of homeschooling is that you can be flexible. It doesn't have to look the same every day. And you have the freedom to do a lot of learning outside your curriculum.

Anyway, I hope that helps you, mamas.



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