Overwhelmed and Withdrawn

I was a WRECK the first two weeks after our trip to North/South Carolina. 

We had been spending every weekend on "Prep the House for Sale" projects, followed by an eventful, but exhausting, week of travel with our three kids, and then coming home feeling crushed that we weren't moving to the Carolinas, that all I had been hoping, praying, and dreaming for, WASN'T going to happen after all.

I was crushed. 

I didn't fully see it as I was walking through it, but I really was devastated. I thought it was just exhaustion, but I felt completely lost, depressed, and unmotivated. I felt like I was floundering under water.
Artist: Isabel Emrich

I felt sick. I felt SO tired. I took naps. I prayed. I TRIED to feel better. My husband would give me flickers of hope that maybe we would still pursue moving and I would find myself feeling okay for a little while, then the "no" would come up again and I just felt awful.

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick"

I felt like that. 

In the midst of all this BAD feelings, I found myself not only completely overwhelmed and feeling physically miserable, but also withdrawn. I wanted to connect with people and do things, but I just felt too tired and sick to do so. I wanted to share more about our trip with people who I had informed we were planning on moving, but everything was such a roller coaster I didn't know what to say.

So I found myself overwhelmed and withdrawn... and feeling guilty for feeling the way I did.

What I want to tell you Mama, is IT'S OKAY! Sometimes we get to where we are just in over our head, drowning a little bit, and though I always promote reaching out for help, sometimes it's okay to just be quiet for awhile, still for awhile, alone to figure things out. It's okay sometimes to just feel awful and not want to do anything. DON'T stay in that place, and of course if you continue to feel that way, seek help and support, but sometimes it's just a week or two of down and you'll get back up and be ready to take on the world again.

You got this Mama!

Much love,


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