I Can't Do This!

9 Reasons Why Life Is So Hard (And 16 Things You Can Do To Make It Easier)

Let me say it again: living on planet earth is hard.

And being a mama is hard.

Don't get me wrong, hard is not the same thing as bad. I'm not saying that mothering is a miserable profession or that I'm depressed by the trials of this life. I'm just saying: it's not easy!

Right now, my baby pretty much wants to be attached to me non-stop. We are sure he has Roseola because our friend's little boy had it. And he is working on his first set of molars at the same time. Fun stuff... 

Earlier this week, while I was trying to get my feverish, fussy baby to actually sleep on his own, my boys let the dog out to roam the neighborhood. She got picked up and taken to the pound. But it was just before the pound closed for the day that it happened, so I spent the whole night (and I was up a lot with the baby) worrying about her. I even had nightmares about it. I knew that if she was taken to the pound we would have to bail her out, and that wasn't in this month's budget! 

After one of the nightmares woke me, I asked God, "Where is the peace that passes understanding that I'm supposed to have?" I fell back asleep and then got His answer in the morning: You get the peace when you give the problem to me.

Today the baby is feeling a little better, but still very clingy, and I am trying so hard to get everything done for our weekend camping trip and not feeling like I am getting anything accomplished. I am frustrated. A lot of little things are going wrong. I sit on the couch (with the baby in my lap) and start crying. 

I can't do this! How am I supposed to manage this when...

Give the problem to me. Do what you can. Let the rest slide. 

Oh yeah, that's the answer I got just two days ago. 

I'm such a slow learner. But I'm trying. 

I have to go finish my camp prep now, but I just wanted to stop by to say:

You CAN do this, mama!

It may not turn out exactly the way you want. It may be a bumpy road. But you can do this mothering thing.

You are AMAZING!

Lots of love,


P.S. Camping trip went great, even though I didn't get the chance to make some homemade cookies for it. Imagine that!

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