I Wanted to Ship off my Kids...

...Hello fellow moms.

Where to start?

We're moving, as I shared with you on Friday, we are still in limbo as far as where we are moving to and we had other stuff going on as well on top of the moving stress. Plus my kids... are DRIVING ME NUTS!

I have two emotional preteens and a toddler... and it feels like I've been in this season of motherhood forever at this point, even though I know that's not true!

I hear back talk, excuses, whining, fits, a million "no!"s every single day. I have to deal with bad attitudes, bickering, disobedience, nasty tones, and fights on a very regular basis. It's EXHAUSTING! Oh, and my son went on another nap strike so I was getting no time to rest on top of that.
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So I started to brainstorm ideas...

If my daughters could just go volunteer in the mornings and my son could go to preschool then maybe I wouldn't feel like this. MY son would love preschool and my daughters love helping and getting out of the house and then maybe, just maybe, I could get a little time to myself! A little time NOT to deal with all the daily stressers, not to be the mediator of so many fights, not to be on-duty every second... Just to be me. Just not to have to do anything for awhile.

I day dreamed for an afternoon about this, looked into the cost of preschool, and quickly gave up my idea. 

So what's the solution to wanting to ship my kids off for half the day so I don't have to deal with it all? I don't know! But what I do know is that this is a season, it won't feel like this forever. Yes, it'll always be hard but it's over so fast. I do need to be intentional about taking breaks and creating systems to keep all of us sane, but it's just a season.

Before I know it, my daughters are going to be driving and having job and going to friends' houses all the time. Before I know it my opinionated toddler is going to be a grown up elementary kid. This season, as so many in motherhood, is exhausting and pushes me to my limits, but I also try to hold on to knowing it doesn't last forever and I'm getting stronger all the time

You've got this Mama!
Much love, 



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