Well, that was major mom fail!

We just had a giant blow up! A stupid move on my part, followed by a stupid move on my child's part, followed by another stupid move for me, followed by mass explosion from EVERYONE (minus the baby).

It was bad.

Then I had a meltdown, my child had a meltdown, and my husband went to take a break. Things were talked through over the next hour as emotions ran high and we all felt bad. In the end we all came up with ways we could do better next time a situation like that came along, prayed, said sorry, and went to bed.

Right after everyone got in bed, I stood at my bathroom counter getting ready for bed myself I thought about how imperfect we are as parent. How I want so bad to be the perfect parent but I just can't! It makes my heart sad that I can't always be the parent I want to be, heck, I'm not usually the parent I want to be.

Then the words of my sweet uncle drifted back into my head from several years ago when we were talking about perfectionism during when I was battling my prison of perfect (read about that HERE). 

"We think we are nearly perfect. That if we just get that last issue under control we would be perfect. When, in reality, it's the opposite. We are totally imperfect and should rejoice in the moments where we parent like we wish to, or respond like we want."

I wasn't proud of myself but realizing that I can't be the perfect parent, as sad at that makes me, I still have hope. My parents did the best they could even though they both had mental health issues, and yes I have issues (we all do), but I have Jesus, I have hope, it wasn't all for loss.

My kids, too, have imperfect parents. They're going to have to forgive me along the way, as I have to of them, and when they're older they'll have more they'll have to forgive me for but not all is lost. 

I pray that they are better parents then I. I pray that they learn from mistakes that I make. I pray that in this home of broken, messy people that they would know love and safety, grace, and hope. That together we are better than apart. That when we fail we make amends and do better next time. That we're NOT perfect and that's okay.
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Together we are better than apart.

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  1. "I pray that in this home of broken, messy people that they would know love and safety, grace, and hope." Love that!


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