Only 'Cause I Love You

Goodwill thrift shop is my place.

I love going to Goodwill and searching for finds. I grew up Thrift Shopping and my love for finding nice things at a fraction of the price hasn't changed.

I took my middle child, my ten-year-old daughter, with me to Goodwill the other day and we were having a good time looking at shoes. She wanted some new shoes and I was handing her options when I came across these adorable, old-fashioned heels that would've been my dream shoes as a child. I handed them her way to try on "just for fun" and went off to look at baby clothes.

Next thing I know I see my adorable girl clip-clopping her way across the store in the old-fashion heels I had handed her. Her face was alight as she somewhat awkwardly walked towards me. "I LOVE them!" She exclaimed and I smiled. "Can I have them, please?" She begged.

I didn't say "no" right away, but she knew I wasn't on board. I hadn't even thought of buying them, I just thought they were fun. "Mmm" I pondered, "Where are you going to wear them?"

"Church!" Was her quick response.

"I don't know. They're not practical, you don't need them." (And I haven't let either of my daughters wear heels yet).

I finally made a decision, though I was feeling torn. "No, you don't need them" (That's a minimalism thing right there: Don't buy what you don't need).

Her face fell but she could tell I was still torn so she persisted all the way to the check out line when her Daddy called and I enlisted him to help me keep strong and say "no". She talked to him on the phone, handed it back, and began to cry...

I saw her tears and disappointment. I'm not one who "gives in" to tears. I lowered my head, feeling a little sad with her. "Put them in the cart" I said. Her tears vanished and she obeyed. "Just because I love you" I said. She didn't need the shoes, she wanted the shoes. They aren't practical, they are heels, and make a ton of noise, but I love her and I care about what she wants. I also remember feeling the EXACT same way when I was a kid.

So I bought the heels, though I still questioned myself. 

She IMMEDIATELY put them on and I could tell she felt like a million bucks. It was then that I knew I had made the right choice. "Just because I love you" is a GREAT reason to do something. "Just because I love you" means reaching beyond reasonable to make someone else smile. "Just because I love you" means thinking of my daughter more than myself.

What can you do today for your children or a loved one "just because I love you"?

Much love,


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