Should They Be Afraid?

Lee talked about the awareness being brought to sex trafficking in Monday's blog (read that HERE).

I too, as a mother of preteens, find this a tough topic to even think about, let alone digest any of the information without being sick and fearful.

My daughters are beautiful, young, and innocent. They are carefree and safe when I am around, but they are growing up and I want to give them freedom to explore their neighborhood, make more friends and connection, and be more independent...

But I also REALLY want them to be wise, discerning, and prepared for a world that will take advantage of them. I want them to be smart when it comes to trickery, manipulation, and dangerous situations.

I've shared things about trafficking with my children, as well awareness about molestation and what to do if something happens to them. I've coached them on not staying in situations they feel uncomfortable in and to always tell an adult and so much more!

I want my children to be aware but I do NOT want them to be afraid. How on earth do I tell them scary and terrifying things about the broken world we live in but not scare them to death??? 
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I don't have a perfect answer for that and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, but here's how I've done my best at addressing this.

1. Give them tools.

Preparing them is helping give them tools in case something bad happens. It will empower them to be less afraid and more proactive if they do find themselves in a sketchy situation.

2. Make them feel strong. 

Reminding them that they are strong and should feel able to protect themselves. Giving them pepper spray, having them ride a bike instead of walk, giving them self defense options. Girls are tough as nails and I want my girls to feel like that when they go out into the world.

3. Letting them explore gradually. 

Instead of waiting till I can't keep them little any longer, give them incremental freedoms and prepare them, as best I can, each step of the way.

I want my daughters to feel like warriors, confident, strong, and beautiful and that, in and of itself, helps protect them.

Please share your thoughts below!

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  1. So good! Sounds like you are doing a great job finding balance


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