We are moving!!!

Wow, it feels like a long time since we caught up!

Last time I shared about moving, we WERE NOT going to move! (Read that post HERE). So what has happened since then?

A lot of back and forths, a lot of ups and downs, a lot of conversations and pros and cons; as well as my husband found his dream job over in the Carolinas, South Carolina to be exact. A job that he could do work he loves, woodworking, as well as a variety of other hands-on jobs which he loves!

So he applied for this job and really hoped he would get it. He came home and said "We need to put up our house now so if I get the job we can be over there in time to start." WOAH! We were selling our home WITHOUT having a job or place to go to?

Yep! Another leap of faith. You can't move forward without risk. You can't pursue your dreams without making sacrifices. So we put the house up for sale and that weekend we had a number of showings and we ended up with FOUR offers!

We're are moving! We don't know where yet but we know we are moving. Please keep us in your prayers through this journey.

You can't move forward without risks. 
You can't pursue your dreams without sacrifices.

I think back on my motherhood journey and both of those statements ring so boldly true. I risked so much when I committed to my daughters without knowing how that was all going to play out. I sacrificed so much to become a mom. Motherhood has been one of my biggest dreams fulfilled and it took so much risk and sacrifice. Even though so many days are tough and unglamerous and I want to pull out my hair at times, I'm still so beyond grateful that I took the leap, made the sacrifices, and took big risks to get where I am...

Now we are doing it again, for our whole family, and we'll see where we land! I know when I walk in faith, where I end up is always better than what I gave up. 

Much love,


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