What To Do???

Do you have a To-Do List?

If you are like me, you have a To-Do List about a mile long. To help myself focus, I recently started writing one on a little white board on my fridge every morning. I write down five goals and one bonus. It's rather satisfying to check each task off as I complete it. And if my day changes and I ended up doing other things, I can easily erase what I had planned to do and fill in what I had actually gotten done. It's like therapy to do this at the end of a day when I feel like I haven't accomplished anything.

Last Wednesday, I had a rough day. I'm not going to go into details, and there were still some good moments and blessings throughout the day, but overall, it was pretty tough. I woke up Thursday super tense and with an enormous amount of work to do to make up for the day before...and a fussy baby (I think he is working on molars). Basically, if I wasn't holding the baby, he was crying and hanging onto my legs. I tried to hold it together and keep my cool, but the frustration was very obviously bubbling out of me.

By 10 am I was sitting on my bed, holding the baby and bawling, lamenting the rough life I have.

Then I thought about the book I am currently listening to, The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom (I highly recommend it!), and about how one of the characters was thrilled to be sent to a Nazi concentration camp because she felt like it was fantastic opportunity to show the love of Jesus to the suffering (particularly the Nazi soldiers).

And I felt very foolish.

What was the goal of my life, anyway? To scrub the floors and wash the dishes?

I wiped my tears and walked to the kitchen. I erased the goals I had written down for that day. I wrote new goals.

Then I made a batch of popcorn and turned on one of our favorite movies. The baby eventually fell asleep. And, though I finished up around 11 pm, I did get the most pressing chores done that day. And I also enjoyed some time with my kids in between doing them. And I didn't cry or yell at anyone in the process!

Mama, you are doing a GREAT work! You are raising up the next generation, and it is a very big deal. Be careful not to let the lesser goals interfere with the more important ones.

Much love,


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