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Remember the camping prep I talked about last week? Well, in spite of my mini (ok, maybe "mega") mommy meltdown, I made it to that camping trip and we had a ton of fun. Our campsite consisted of 3 mamas and 10 kids (the amount of children doubled when I showed up with my crew, haha) and we camped for three nights and three days. The only downside was the mosquitoes and lack of sleep, but that's all a part of camping, right?

Though we had a lot of fun, the very best part of the camping trip for me was packing up. 

It wasn't the best part because we were leaving (though my body was crying out for its own bed, haha). It was the best because I was actually able to pack up. The kids and I were able to do it all ourselves!

Let me explain. For the past seven years of my life I have struggled with chronic pain (you can read about that here, here, here, and here). In fact, the last time we went camping with friends I was crying during the packing up session because it hurt too much to carry even the lightest of our equipment up the hill to the truck. My husband, children, and friends had to do it all. 

But this camping trip I was the first of our group to get all their gear packed back into their truck (thanks to some little helpers) and I was able to help my friends with their packing

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Read that again. I was able to physically help someone else! Manual labor. And I wasn't suffering in bed, in pain, after doing it.

This is a big deal for me!!!

What happened? Well, the week of that last camping trip I did with friends (the one where I was crying) was the week that my husband and 6 of his friends decided to each choose a day to pray and fast for my healing. Also, it was then that I decided to try a hemp balm that I had seen others have success with. I had tried several different hemp products during this time but this was the first that had worked for me. 

The relief was noticeable, but not complete, when I first started using the balm. It was a gradual healing. It has now been 2 months since I started the balm. I'm not 100%, but I am feeling better than I ever have. And if I am in pain, I know that I have something on hand to help me. 

I am so thankful!!!

I am able to do moderate exercise. I can hike with my kids. I'm actually keeping up with my greenhouse, garden, and flowerbeds (not perfectly, but much better than before!). I'm diving into some of the big decluttering projects that have been piling up around here. And I'm swimming. How I have missed swimming!

And I can help others. That is such a good feeling. I have depended on help from so many these past seven years. And I am so, so thankful for all of their help. It is really nice to be able to give back. 

Ok, I'm not going to lie, I was crying a little when I packed up camp this last time. But they were tears of joy and thankfulness. 

What are you hoping and praying for, mama? Whatever it is, I want to encourage you to not give up faith. I believe that you will get your heart's desire.

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