Heroes DO!

During these crazy fires that were (and are) happening, I jumped on Facebook, which I usually only use for this blog. As I frequently checked it for news, I saw a lady I knew through homeschooling. She had up to date posts having to do with the fires that all revolved around helping the community, the evacuees,, and getting food to displaced people.

It was incredibly admirable. She's strong, tough, compassionate, a mom of four, and a DOER. She was actively doing through the entire time I was holding up in my home. She and her family were actively helping others.

Yesterday, her and her husband's story hit Facebook news. She and her husband went into the fire areas and ended up creating fire barriers, organizing volunteers, and saving multiple houses!

Just think about that for a moment.

As far as I know, no one asked them to help. No one said "Hey, no fire firers are in this areas. Are you available to help?" No one gave them the tools to fight this, they just did it!

Photo Credit: Afar.com
Photo Credit: Afar.com

I admire what this lady and her family and all the volunteers did! It was so incredible I had to share it with my daughters today. 

"Hey, guess what?" I started and then gave them a brief run down of the story, ending with, 
"Heroes do.

I thought about how impactful just showing up and doing things are. How it's best not to wait for an invitation, just go for it! And I think of Moms. Moms do every day. They give when no one asks them to. They show up even if no one else will. They sacrifice and give and pour out their lives for another. They are heroes because heroes do!

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