My son just turned two and he's a typical toddler.

He's goofy, opinionated, throws fits, loves food, and can't get enough of the park. He's also such a toddler in the fact that he never wants to leave my side!

He follows me to the bathroom

(and yes, I took a picture of it)

He wants to help make my coffee in the morning and gets coffee grounds everywhere and he misses me while I'm in the shower. He also has a lively game he plays with his sisters where he tries to run across the house, dash into my room, and slam the door before they can keep him out. He'll come up to me with a grin and a "hi!" because he made it to mom despite me taking some time to myself.

And dinner time is no picnic either. Usually, he's already full from snacking because he got hungry before dinner made it to the table and then all he wants to do is play with his food, serve others more food, or do this:

Sit on my lap and play with my food so it's nearly impossible for me to eat without spilling something on myself!

But how sweet the moments are, that flee so fast.
How precious these times are, that just don't last.

He wants to be near to me, always so close

Though I get frustrated I know I'll miss this the most.

He's only this little once and it's oh so sweet.
He wants to be near me, sitting at my feet.

That curly headed little boy that lights up my day

I know he'll grow up one day but I want him to stay.

Enjoy the little moments with your little as best you can. Though you may never poop alone again. ;D

Much love,


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