Looking Ahead

As I write this we have THREE WEEKS till we move! 

Now, we're not moving cross country like we originally thought, so it's definitely not as difficult as it could've been, but at the same time it's not easy.

I'm finding myself feeling overwhelmed A LOT! I know it's time to buckle down and get stuff done but at the same time I have to wait till closer to the moving date to pack any more (I've already completed the outbuildings). Things still feel pretty up in the air but I'm definitely getting excited now.

This is really happening. We are actually moving! We are moving into town from our 15 minutes away suburb. When I drive to and from home I now think about how quickly I'll be home when we move. We went hiking this weekend and I thought "We'll be twenty minutes closer to the trail head after we move." 

But more than the drive I'm thinking and planning and anticipating all the ways I'm going to make our new house a home. The colors I'll paint, the projects I want to do, how I'm going to create seating in the small living room and maximize the space. What I'm going to do in the backyard to make it even more of a sanctuary for us and our family and friends.

A picture of our new back yard.

I'm getting excited! My husband and kids are too.

Isn't that what gets us through some times? Anticipation. Isn't that what makes us strive and reach for our goals and dream? Envisioning what we are working for. So in the midst of the journey, the stress, and the overwhelmed that motherhood so often is, take some time to look forward, anticipate, dream and goal. Your kids are wonderful growing people that one day will make their own mark on this world. What do you hope that looks like?

Dream big, pray hard.

Much love,



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