No Wasted Time

I got some wonderful new yesterday. A friend of mine was pregnant after experiencing several losses. She already has four children at home and I was overjoyed to hear she was blessed with another.

After sharing with her how we were still waiting for our next baby, trying to get pregnant several times over the last year she encouraged me that "God's timing is perfect". She explained all the challenge she would have faced if she had not had her losses and had a newborn at the time she had hoped for.

This reminding me of the three years we waited for our son. The devastation, the constant and compounding grief with every month and failed attempt, the isolation and depression I felt throughout, BUT, it wasn't wasted time.

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God doesn't waste time.

God doesn't cause the heartbreaks or hurts, but He also doesn't waste any of our dreams, hopes, or the waiting times in life. We waited for our son, prayed, and hoped and ached for him for three years! 

In that time, we already had two beautiful daughters who needed a lot of intentional time. I became a stay at home mom, a homeschool mom, I read books on attachment and childhood trauma. I learned and researched and grew as the mom my kids needed me to be. I had all the time to cuddle and kiss, provide and love on my kids, to bond with my kids.

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Just like the early years of a baby, newborn, toddler, preschooler are very intentional bonding times, so was the first three years with my daughters, who were 4 and 6 at the time. Three years of close and intentional bonding for which I saw incredible results; confidence, security, and healing through those years.

When we finally got pregnant and when our son was born I could look back and see not a moment of those three years waiting for our baby was wasted. They were painful, sure, but not wasted. My pain wasn't wasted, the age gap was not wasted, the years not wasted. God's timing was perfect. Our son came to us at just the right time and with that hope I can believe our next child will come at just the right time too. Not in my timing, that's for sure, but in the God who knows all's timing.

Mama, in your heartbreak times, in your difficult mothering times, in marriage challenges, family losses, whatever you are facing. This time is not wasted. The pain and struggle is overwhelming at times but know that this time is not purposeless. There is a purpose in the waiting. There is reasons for this season and you will make it to the other side.

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