They Used To Dance

When my girls were little, we would DANCE!

I am a dancer, though self taught, and have always enjoyed and been "good at" dancing. It brings me so much pleasure and joy to move to music and it's a great expression for emotions as well. 

So, I was well versed in dancing anywhere by the time my cute little girls came along. When they were little they had no shame and would dance with me everywhere. We'd dance at the end credit music in the movie theatre (up front), we'd dance in the store, we'd dance anywhere and everywhere that the mood struck.

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Then they got older and stopped dancing with me as much. They certainly wouldn't dance in front of a movie theatre with me anymore! They will still bob their heads with me to store music (yay!) and they even stopped dancing much at home with me...

I missed it.

I loved dancing with my girls and though they sometimes humor me still, they weren't really into it much anymore.

Tonight, we watched the live action Aladdin movie. It has awesome music and we all bobbed our heads and swayed our bodies a little (by we I mean the girls of the family). When the movie ended and the end credits began to role I yelled "DANCE!" and everyone jumped up...

Okay, slight confession, I might have told my girls at some point awhile back that they had to dance with me a little if they wanted to watch movies with me... maybe. ;)

We all jumped up, minus dad, and enthusiastically danced to the Bollywood music, our little two year old happily in the mix. I started breaking out whatever Indian dance moves I could and copying some moves from the movie. I was thoroughly enjoying myself when my little son came flying my way from his sister, grabbed my hands, and bounced up and down with me as he giggled in delight.

Be still my heart.

Then, he went back over to his sisters and I watched as they danced fully and joyfully with him as well. I was beyond thrilled to see all my children dancing, but what pushed my heart over the edge, was that our little miracle boy doesn't just dance with us, he causes my daughters to dance with the joy they had as little girls. The joy they had when I used to dance with them.

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My heart overflowed with pride, joy, and love as I watched my three children, twelve, nearly eleven, and barely two-year-old, dance till the music stopped and want for more. Those are my babies and I'm mighty proud they move to the music like their Mama. <3 :D

What is something that brings your heart great joy to watch your children do?

Much love,



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