Thrives in the Shade

I have this flower bush in my yard that has been through a lot. It's been cut off and regrown, run over by kids and quads, and it looks like it's about to die on a regular basis... Every sunny day in fact.

I've been amazed and even slightly annoyed by this flower bush in the years that we've lived here. It comes out in brilliant fuchsia blossoms that are radiant in the morning, the green leaves extending out, and then by mid day the flowers close and the plant wilts...
Taken at 1pm

What the heck?!

This plant not only wilts in the sun (I have always just assumed it was a shade plant, which is clearly is) but all the flowers recoil back in on themselves and close! So when you go outside to enjoy the sun they are hiding from it!

I just recently was told the name of this plant, The 4 o'clock Flower, because supposedly it comes out when the sun it starting to go down. I thought that was brilliant and it finally made sense to me. This plant has been such an anomaly, an oddity, and I didn't understand it. As soon as I learned that it was supposed to come out in the shade the slight irritation I had at this flower's strange ways vanished and I accepted it for what it was.

I feel like that's something I've found true in life as well. When I don't understand something it can often frustrate me but as soon as I understand there is peace and acceptance.

We are NOT all the same and we don't all thrive in the same circumstances. Instead of doing what I did with this strange plant and get irritated at it, let's look past what we don't understand and see the person instead. Accept that we are all different and some of us where meant to bloom in the sun and some in the shade.
Taken at 9am

Much love,


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