Before He Was

When I was pregnant with my youngest, our long waited for son, I would pray over him and who he'd become. I prayed that he would love God more than life and live a life full of love and light. I pray this for all my children, but there was a special prayer that I prayed especially for him... even before he was. Before he was every created, ever conceive, I prayed this baby would bring joy

Then, he was. He was conceived and growing inside me, heart forming and beating, ears forming and hearing, fingers, toes, hands, and legs moving, ever part of him carefully crafted in secret (Psalm 139:15). He was and immediately he brought joy to us. Joy that he was alive and growing inside me. Joy over the anticipation of meeting him. Joy that the long night of infertility grief was being lifted. Joy!

Then he was born and it was clear that my prayer that he'd bring joy was more than fulfilled. Not only was he such a gift just have here, but he also loved people and smiling and interacting. So much smiles he gave and received and he clearly was a baby of joy.

I watched as our son brought so much joy to his daddy. The cuddles and kisses they shared. The late night rocking him to sleep that my husband actually missed when he didn't get to do. Now that our son is a little older, they share the love of cars and tools. He has brought so much joy.

Joy to his sisters. I've LOVED watching my girls have a little sibling. Not only has there been so much growth in them, the joy he brings is beyond measure. The giggles and playing chase. The night time avoiding bed our son does while running into sissies' room and diving onto their bed. The three of them playing games. So much joy!

Each child is a direct gift from heaven. Each one holds a special gift to give in this world. Every one is unique and beautiful and full of purpose. Rejoice in that.

Much love,



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