Moving Meltdowns

 It's been nearly three weeks since we moved houses...

My conclusion:

I never want to do this again.

Moving sucks!

There's a lot of grief that can be involved in moving. My family and I do not handle stress gracefully so I was fully expecting more stress fights and meltdowns than normal leading up to moving (and I was correct) but after moving I expected things to mellow out and "go back to normal" at least a little.

And they have...

Sort of.

But, it's different. Everything is different. Even moving just fifteen minutes away we've changed towns, parks, neighbors, local stores, and even a little bit of a different feel to things.

The kids after the first week of craziness and unpacking seemed to settle in as we started back with normal daily tasks like homeschool and dad going back to work. I, however, haven't handle things as well.

I've had meltdowns.

A few of them.

They seem to hit at the most inopportune time, when I'm trying to get somewhere, and then one thing goes wrong and I feel like the whole world has gone wrong! I then I cry, A LOT, and then get back up and make the best of things. It sucks! Everything feels so out of control and helpless in those moments.

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Moving to this particular house, though I know it's where we are supposed to be, wasn't like a big "upgrade" in houses or a dream home. We had to buy another house because we had sold ours already and we needed a new one ASAP. This houses wasn't in the perfect location, or with the property we dreamed of, but it was the best under the circumstances and it is a blessing.

The function of this house is so different and there's many kinks to work out, projects to do, and problem solving to be done. It's just a lot and then something goes wrong and it feels like everything doesn't work right.

What's the encouragement in this?

It has reminded me of what my children feel like when they are having a meltdown. That it feels to them like their whole world is wrong and nothing is going right and I hope that leads me to be better as speaking truth and encouragement to them in those moments. Or, at the very least, just being a little more understanding.

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Our kids go through things and so do we. Neither of us respond to things perfectly. Let's remember that we are all trying to do our best, that we need grace, and we grow with time and effort.

Much love,


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