You ever have those days where you don't even make it out of your pjs?

I had one of those days. I slept terribly and had very little sleep by the time I crawled out of bed. I was drained and exhausted! I realized all the things on the list for the day, normal things like school, laundry, and going out, were simply not happening. I wasn't going to do ANYTHING!

I ended up staying in my pjs, because I just didn't want to get ready, and hanging out with the kids and doing random little projects around the house. 

At noon instead of grabbing something to eat for myself, I ended up cooking up some ground beef and having tacos with the kids. I eventually, around four, I think, got into the shower.

As, I was thinking about this "Nothing Day" I realized that sometimes those nothing days are much more important than Productive Days.

Sure, I didn't shower till 4pm, sure I didn't do school with my oldest, sure, I didn't do a lot of things I normally do but I did so much more, I hung out with my kids!

We laughed and told stories. We made lunch together and talked. We were just hanging out and being and it was really special.

Mamas, don't feel bad when you have "one of those days" sometimes that lazy day is the most important day you'll have all week!

Much love,


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