One of the Crew

Moving was a WHIRLWIND of activity and crazy. Of tears and goodbyes that were way harder than I anticipated (I literally wanted to sell our new house back to the previous owners and run home again). Of last minute rescues (thank you Lord and thank you Father-in-law for helping us get into our house 2 1/2 HOURS before we had to be out of our previous one). It was NUTS! It was hard! It was exhausting!

The picture I took while we drove across to town to our new house,
me bawling my eyes out most of the way.

However, I absolutely loved getting to see so many people come around to help us through the process. My brother-in-laws coming the weekend before to help load the U-Haul. My husband's friend from work which I never had hung out with before joined in too. My cousin's husband and friend and my brother came to unload on moving day. My friend showed up and brought coffee and hung out while the guys did a stellar job of unpacking.

It was sweet and rich and wonderful! So much love was poured out on us through our transition and I'll never forget it.

Another part of the move that I want to remember and treasure, is the heartfelt helpfulness of my kids. My daughters hauled and packed and unpacked with the crew full of eagerness and with great attitudes, ready to help with anything. Our two-year-old son was no exception. He walked all over daddy's board while he was trying to measure, "helping daddy", he ran around the yard in excitement over all the visiting people, and he pitched just like he was one of the crew.

This is a picture of him pushing a several hundred pounds with Daddy. It was so special to see all the willing hearts and helping hands through this moving process. Very blessed.

Every act of love makes a difference. It leaves a ripple effect on people's lives and reaches further than you know.

Much love,


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