This is a hot word right now. Lately I have been really thinking about how privileged I am. But not the noun version of the word so much. I've been thinking of the adjective definition. 

I've been thinking of how privileged (lucky, fortunate, special, I would add *blessed*) I am to be doing the work of motherhood. 

Changing dirty diapers is a privilege. Teaching young ones how to navigate and properly express their feelings (aka breaking up fights) is a privilege. Spending hours cooking and cleaning for my family is a privilege. Being the only one who can calm my baby, that is a privilege. 

There are many women who would kill to have the job that I have. Their arms ache for children. They would love to be able to complain about being up all night with their little one. Or having so much laundry to fold. To have the trouble of figuring out what to cook for their children would be a blessing for them, because currently their tables are empty. Being able to have children (biologically and through fostering and through adoption) is such a privilege

I want to encourage you, mama, to take a moment in your busy day to think about how blessed you are. Your work may seem mundane and repetitive and way more than you can handle, but it is a sacred work that you are doing. 

You are fortunate. You are lucky. You are very special

And you are doing a good work.

Much Love,



  1. Incredibly true!
    I'm privileged to be able to stay home with my kids. I'm privileged to be able to homeschool. I am SO privileged to be blessed with three incredible children that I get to nurture and love and who love me more than I deserve. <3


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